About Us

Dikili Ciftlik A.S. is an agricultural company, which is one of the companies of “Kar Group of Companies. Located in İzmir – Dikili, Turkey, our company specialises in Livestock Fattening, Olive Orchard and In Vitro Nursery. Invitrofidan® is one of the trade marks of Dikili Ciftlik A.S.  related with the company’s In Vitro Nursery activities.

Having one of the biggest plant tissue laboratories in Turkey, Dikili Ciftlik A.S. has the annual plant production capacity of 3.000.000 fruit tree rootstocks.

The traceability of the products is ensured by monitoring all the processes from induction of the plants on tissue culture to their sales from the greenhouse by an ERP based software.

A screenhouse for stone fruit rootstocks for certificated propagation materials has established within Dikili Ciftlik Tissue Culture Laboratory  with the basic level certified fruit rootstocks and this rootstocks will be a sustainable micro-multiplication material resource for the laboratory.