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“Dikili Çiftlik Anonim Şirketi” was established in 2005 within the body of Çamlıca Kültür ve Yardım Vakfı in Dikili, İzmir, to operate in the field of animal husbandry and olive cultivation.

In 2009, our company started to produce rootstocks using agricultural biotechnology and plant tissue culture methods in its 1000 m² laboratory, which is disease and virus free, high quality, certified and oriented to the needs of the market. Our company, which has proven itself in the production of fruit rootstock, has added 1 plant growth room in addition to 2 plant growth rooms in 2013; It has reached a seasonal plant capacity of 2,500,000 plants, 5 da of technological training and 5 da of modern production greenhouse capacity.

In addition to these developments, a production greenhouse with a size of 5 da was built in 2020. Our company continues its continuous improvement and development studies by following the technology closely with 1 plant growth room and R&D unit built in 2022.

Invitro Fidan carries its position in the sector to higher levels with sustainable growth in the rapidly changing and renewing world conjuncture.

Take part in the future of good agriculture with disease-free, genetically stable and productive products with Invitro Fidan!

0 million
2.5 million seasonal plant capacity