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Invitro Fidan, which set out in 2005 with the principle of continuous development and improvement, has the knowledge and experience to solve possible technical problems in the process from the sterilization stage to the acclimatization stage in the greenhouse in tissue culture studies. By closely following the developments in the field of plant biotechnology, he carried out R&D projects with public and private sector stakeholders in the sector. As a result of the R&D studies it has carried out, it has registered the patent named “Full-automated Plant Bioreactor System” with the utility model named “Bioreactor Feeding Tank”.


Invitro Fidan targets quality products and efficiency in the production processes of trendy varieties in line with the demands of our customers in the sector. The healthy and high quality plant provided for production with the studies carried out by the R&D unit guarantees the quality of the final product in the greenhouse.


Apart from stone fruit rootstocks, it continues its studies on in vitro micropropagation by following the changes in the sector and meeting the demands of the market by developing protocols for in vitro production of new species and making them usable in production.