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Quality Policy

  • To be a reliable company that meets the needs and expectations of our customers in all processes, especially in production, and effectively manages customer feedback,
  • To be a sensitive and exemplary organization that respects the society and environment we are in,
  • In line with our policy, to provide a suitable working environment for our employees, to support continuous learning and development so that they become more competent individuals, to continuously increase our quality level with the importance we attach to teamwork,
  • To ensure the formation of quality awareness in all our employees,
  • To follow the technological developments in the sector closely and to add them to our structure and to continuously improve the product quality,
  • To establish a healthy communication with suppliers based on trust and to expand our supplier network,
  • To ensure traceability at all stages of production,
  • To comply with all legal obligations, contract terms, national and international authority regulations and fulfill applicable conditions,
  • To develop the feelings of satisfaction, belonging and loyalty of our internal and external stakeholders,
  • To obtain results that will contribute to the production process with the studies to be carried out in the R&D center,
  • To prevent time-wasting factors and to deliver on time and to create a quality management system that makes continuous improvement sustainable,
  • By making a risk assessment in terms of energy efficiency, environment, occupational and worker health and safety in our products and processes; To determine the possible effects on the product, the environment and our employees beforehand, to carry out studies that will eliminate or minimize the risks,
  • To target continuous improvement and development in the operation of all processes,
  • To support all processes with measurable targets and to identify activities that will improve performance by reviewing them with the self-assessment process,
  • We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering our customers disease and virus-free, true to name, identical and certified products.

It has been adopted as a policy by all our employees to continuously improve our operations and facility in line with the purposes listed above. It has been ensured that the quality policy is open to the access of interested parties.

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